About Marslow & Brinkthorpe

Marslow & Brinkthorpe publishes socially engaging games for busy people who enjoy developing their intellect while they relax.

Unlike "zone-out" entertainment such as TV, Marslow & Brinkthorpe games respect your time by helping you engage and wake up your mind.

Marslow & Brinkthorpe games helps make your leisure time work for you by providing opportunities for sharpening interpersonal skills, such as situations where progress depends on adopting others' points of view.

Although they are designed for developing the minds of adults through play, Marslow & Brinkthorpe games are easy enough to learn that you can share them with your children.

You can trust that your dollars are doubly well-spent with Marslow & Brinkthorpe — company profits go towards research in ethics, not to a media conglomerate.

Contact us at info@marslow.com